"O" scale modular model railway

Layout description

The network is in the course of installation since February, 2004. It consists of 6 modules created by Jean-Pierre Amariglio, a french designer member of the "Cercle du Zéro". The network represents a small railway station of the West region (period 1946 to 1970).

The railway station named AUJUVILLE includes a building for travellers, two platforms and a small warehouse. The building for travellers is a Bruno Moret's model which represents Dozulé-Putot's railway station near Caen. (The line from Caen to Dozulé-Putot was downgraded on February 12, 2001).

There are 5 identical straight modules of dimensions 92 x 62 cms and one curved module of dimensions 118 x 62 cms. The total length is 5,80 metres. Because of the limited surface available in my attic, it was not possible to create a ring network. As a consequence, the network is going to represent a small terminus station of a single-track secondary line.

Modules are completed
- to the left by a turntable which is in the process of installation and will allow locomotives to turn around and return
- to the right by a set of hidden tracks where trains will be stored before entering the station.

The diagram below represents the plan of the network which has a total length of about 17 metres.

Layout map. In red: modular part In green: visible complements (turntable in the left) In blue: hidden tracks

Some pictures of the layout





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