Modern toy train

Presentation of the network

The network carried out in 2002 represented a small terminal of a secondary line with single track. Since the acquisition of the modular network, it is in the course of transformation to make of it a ringed network which will go round the attic, that is to say a 25 meters length approximately. It is designed as a free inspiration network without particular topic. The ludic aspect is privileged.

The railway station includes a building for travellers realized by GPP, two platforms, a small goods shed and a locomotive shed bought at Addie-Modell.

The engines and rolling stock consists of old models from LIMA and some recent models from ETS and ACE primarily. The principal constraint imposed by the layout is the radius of certain curves limited to 70 cm.

The engines and rolling stock includes
- a traveller train made up of a steam locomotive 131T ETS and 3 traveller cars of the Northern french network built by ACE.
- a small switcher from ETS which tractor draws a french Wine Car.
- a train traveller of the Sixties made up of a french Diesel locomotive LIMA BB 67000 and of three LIMA traveller cars
- a small steam locomotive 020T ETS which tractor draws a small ETS traveller car

The network is piloted by a computer which controls the movements of rolling stocks and switches as well as the sounds associated to machine movements.

Some pictures of the network (in 2002 before its transformation)