The LR Toy Train

In my youth, a toy train from the french manufacturer LR with two trains had been given to me. Since I am retired, I put this train back in service, I completed it and I have now 5 trains. 3 of them can run simultaneously on the railway.

LR is Louis Roussy's abbréviation, the manufacturer who gave his initials to the mark of toy trains that he created in 1927.The manufacture of these toys appealed to "original" materials for a such use: brass, wood, steel. Production stopped in 1956.

The LR O-gauge train sets have shorter-than-scale engines and cars so that they can easily go around tight curves.

My network includes the five locomotives present in the LR catalog of 1950. I possess:

-The train ref 9909 comprising a small typical electric engine (ref 1009 L) associated with 2 goods cars

-The train (ref 1527) constituted of a typical careened steam locomotive 4-4-2 with tender in casting under pressure (ref 1024 L) together with to 2 Pullman cars and a coach with boggies.

-The train ref 1540 constituted of an electric locomotive(ref 1030 L) associated with 2 goods cars,

-A diesel locomotive 030 DA (ref 1060 L)

-A railcar (ref 1101 L)

-Finally different signals and accessories (level crossing)

On the other hand, I still possess the 1950 LR catalogue that you can consult by clicking on catalogue (in french).

Some trains in the Juniac railway station